Posted in October 2012

Why You Shouldn’t Deny Your Man Sex

I’ll probably get into trouble with the feminists for this one. I can just imagine Germaine Greer riding an Uzi (no not *that* kind) and hunting me down.

‘How dare she think this.. AND the cow wears make-up.’

Let’s not be naïve here. I’m not talking about randoms. I’m talking a man that you are in a relationship with. A man you have chosen to share a bed with, be naked in front of, and maybe occassionally the odd fart in front of (if you really are that close.)

Let’s put this another way. How annoyed would you be if your bloke kept saying no when you asked him to put the bin out? First you would be incredulous, then annoyed, then frustrated and finally you would end up doing it yourself begrudgingly.

Now swing it round. Every time you say no to you partner, that’s effectively what is happening. And worse than the bin going off, is your relationship expiring.

The real bones of it (excuse the pun) if you will, boils down to the fact that number 1. He desires you, he wants you. Hooray! This is a lovely feeling. There is nothing else in the world like being wanted, desired.

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