A Grower Not a Show-er


I recently finished season 1 of the Mindy Project and got to say, can’t wait for the second.


I have to admit though, I wasn’t a huge fan of hers when I watched the first few episodes.


I had to watch because of all the hype. This had so much buzz about it. I had read reviews saying it was the new ‘New girl’ The amalgamation of ‘the office and Ugly Betty.’


I was pleased at the premise. A woman who had written the show herself and then starring as the main character (my dream job) and even thought there was loads of hype about the fact that she was a non white main character, I couldn’t really give a shit about that. Isn’t that old news? We have Kerry Washington who is a black woman and the main character in Scandal and isn’t Sofia Vegara (Colombian) the highest paid woman on TV right now?

The real question is, not that she is a ‘woman of colour’ fronting a show (by the way I hate that term) but can she carry said show, can she captivate us?


Beyonce is probably the most captivating, gravitating woman alive right now that neither sex can take their eyes off, and it has nothing to do with the fact that she is black, in fact, I think the world is colour blind to Beyonce which is a great thing.

No, it’s because she has that inexorable ability to possess all that deign to glance her way. You want to watch her, you want to know what she will do next. She possesses the camera. And actually, she’s not too bad an actress.

Mindy, certainly for the first few episodes, was stiff as a board. Like the Salt to Daniel Craig’s pepper (he’s a plank of wood too, who the hell is he sucking off in Hollywood… and how do I get their number?)

I was watching her interact with the guy who played her date. It was like watching a plastic plant interact with oxygen; the two have no use for each other, no combustion.


It was actually awkward, and the irony is that it wasn’t supposed to be awkward. Am I supposed to believe this guy would want to take this woman for ‘frozen YOUG-HURT’ when she spoke to him like she was made of wood? There was no flow. I was willing for the next scene. I usually do that in gritty dramas like The Sopranos, not comedies.

He looked at her like she was a shelf. She spoke to him like she was talking to Siri.

Under normal circumstances, if it was just all about her, I might have switched off.


But her supporting cast is just fantastic. The British character is strangely loveable and the character of Dan is sexy; I certainly want to watch him (bias?) and I think this elevates it. Morgan, the eccentric Nurse makes me laugh out loud, and even betsy, the receptionist is cute as a button. The writing is certainly good. There are some very funny lines which the cast definitely make the most of.


I have to admit, that as the show has gone on, she has got much better. (Phew.) Maybe she was nervous and now has loosened up.


Her chemistry with characters has certainly improved, noticeably with the main character of Danny, and her and Chris Messina are just a delight to watch. He is a brilliant actor. Please watch him in everything. He is particularly superb in Damages too.. but that’s another story..

The ‘will they won’t they’, I am sure will drag out for a while. But that’s what keeps us all watching, right? I, for one, am hooked.



I have to say it’s even got me got me a little bit inspired. (Read: Jealous.) Started Penning ‘The Layla Experience.’


My tagline: ‘Go from nought to drama in 60 seconds.’ Or maybe ‘Like marmite, you either love me or want to kill me.’ Or something..

Insane inner monologues and a wry sense of humour here we come.

With a massive dollop of saracasm and high maintenance. What’s not to love?


Watch out – you just might be featured in it ;)




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